Joint provides innovative electric car charging solutions and efficient electric vehicle chargers for businesses and individuals to drive into the future.

The Joint EVC10 is an economical home electric vehicle charger.

EV Charging Solutions For Your Home

People need to charge at home to support their daily commute, and home EV chargers are key to electric vehicle home charging stations.

Joint provides electric vehicle owners with affordable home electric car chargers to meet their charging needs.The Joint residential electric vehicle charger offers smart charging capabilities and easy installation, making the Joint home car charging solutions a top choice for many consumers.

When you provide electric vehicle charging services for your workplace, you can provide your employees with convenient charging services, help you attract loyal employees, and enhance your corporate reputation.

√ Build an environmentally friendly corporate image.
Align with the company's long-term goal of sustainable development.
Improve the convenience of driving electric vehicles and the well-being of your employees at work.

The Joint EVCP5 is a dual-port electric vehicle charger, tailored for commercial deployment.

Advantages of Joint's EV charging solutions

As a renowned electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment supplier, Joint is committed to providing innovative EV charging solutions for a variety of industries to meet the different needs of homes, fleets, petrol stations, hospitals, and other application scenarios.

Efficient Energy Management

Convenient Charging Experience

Multi-scenario application

Industry-leading technology

Joint EVC12 is a smart commercial electric vehicle charger that supports OCPP1.6j.

The level 2 commercial EV charger and DC EV charger can provide fast charging service for shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial areas to meet people's needs for fast charging.

√  Providing charging services can attract EV owners.
√  Chargeable EV charging service provides a new way for commercial car parks to make money.
√  Helps commercial car parks to remain competitive in the market.

The cost of charging electric vehicles is usually lower than traditional fuel, and efficient and smart electric vehicle supply equipment (EVE)can reduce a fleet's fuel expenditures. The use of EV chargers with smart charge management systems can improve charging efficiency and optimize vehicle usage schedules.

√  Helps reduce fuel expenditure and operating costs.
√  Helps reduce the overall carbon emissions of the fleet.
√  Can be optimized with advanced fleet charging management systems to improve overall operational efficiency.

Joint EVD100 supports DC fast charging for EVs.
EVD100 180kw supports DC fast charging that suitable for Gas stations.

Gas station charging solutions

By providing fast EV charging services, gas stations are able to meet the fast charging needs of EVs, attracting more EV owners to use the stations and increasing the patronage of the stations.

√  Providing charging services enables petrol stations to meet the demand for fast charging of different types of vehicles.
√  Become a new source of revenue for gas stations, by increasing profitability for gas stations.
√  Attracting more EV owners to use gas stations, increasing the passenger flow of gas stations, and improving their competitiveness.


Joint EV Charger Display

Joint EVC38 is a portable ev charger that supports smart charging,

Joint EVC38-EU

The Joint EVC38 delivers up to 32 amps of power and can be controlled via the TUYA app, which saves money through smart charging and supports customization.

The Joint EVD100 30kw DC charger with CCS Type 1 plug.

Joint EVD100-30KW

EVD 100 30KW 3-phase DC fast charger (DCFC) supports plug-and-play charging, OCPP1.6J connection, CCS1, CCS2 connectors.

Joint EVCD1 is a dual-port EV charger tailored for commercial deployment.

Joint EVCD1-NA

The JOINT EVCD 1 is a dual-port EV charger tailored for commercial deployments. It is etl,fcc certified and supports Bluetooth, LAN, and WiFi.


Charge your EV freely at your destination