Gas station charging solutions

Gas Stations Charging Solutions

Fuelling for the future: charging solutions for petrol stations create a new era of fuelling innovation

What is an electric vehicle refuelling station

An EV gas station is a facility dedicated to providing electric charging services for electric vehicles, which is similar to a traditional fuel station, except that traditional gas stations provide diesel or gasoline, while EV gas stations provide electric energy for electric vehicles.

The layout and design of an EV petrol station is similar to that of a traditional petrol station, and usually includes equipment such as charging piles, charging plugs, payment terminals, and information displays. Some advanced EV petrol stations may also provide additional services such as wireless network, charging post reservation service, and sales of EV-related products.

Joint EVCD100 is a DC fast charger.

Why install electric vehicle chargers at gas stations

These petrol stations are being built to meet the growing market demand for electric vehicles and to provide electric vehicle owners with convenient and efficient charging services. By constructing such stations in public places, traffic routes and commercial areas, EV users can more easily access charging services, thus promoting the popularity of EVs and the development of sustainable transport.

Advantages of EV charging solutions at gas stations

Attract electric vehicle users and provide petrol station competitiveness.  As the popularity and market share of electric vehicles grows, so does the demand for EV charging infrastructure. Traditional petrol stations mainly serve fuel vehicle owners, but with the increase in sales of electric vehicles, petrol stations need to adapt to market changes. Therefore, petrol station charging solutions provide EV owners with convenient services for their EV needs, attracting more EV users and increasing customer traffic to petrol stations, thus improving their competitiveness.

Increase the diversity of petrol station services.  The installation of EV chargers helps to increase the diversity of services at petrol stations. Based on traditional gas stations only providing fueling services, the installation of EV chargers makes gas stations one-stop service centers, covering both traditional fuel vehicle owners and meeting the needs of electric vehicle users. Such diversified services help strengthen the position of the petrol station in the local community, making it a center for communication and services.

Facilitating the shift to clean energy. Electric vehicle charging solutions at petrol stations help drive people to use clean energy. The rise of electric vehicles represents a sustainable shift in transport modes, and petrol stations, as energy service providers, can contribute to the improvement of EV charging infrastructure and provide adequate charging services for EVs, which can help people switch from traditional transport devices to electric vehicles.

Increase the competitiveness of gas stations

Gas station charging solutions help gas stations, attract more EV users and thus increase competitiveness.

Increase the diversity of petrol station services

The installation of EV chargers enables petrol stations to offer services that cater to both traditional fuel needs and the needs of EV users.

Promote the use of electric vehicles

The gas station EV charging solution helps to improve the EV charging infrastructure and provide adequate and convenient charging services for EV owners.

What types of EV chargers are used at gas stations?

EV petrol stations are usually equipped with various types of EV charging equipment, including charging piles of different power levels, to meet the charging needs of different EVs. These charging equipment are mainly level 3 EV chargers (DC EV chargers):

DC fast chargers (level 3):  These chargers are usually located in places such as motorway service areas, city centers, or petrol stations and provide higher power to charge electric vehicles in a shorter period of time. Fast chargers can charge an EV to a sufficient level of power within a few minutes, allowing the driver to continue driving quickly.

EVCD100 is a fast EV charging station.
Joint EVD100-180KW is a dc fast charger.
The EVD100 DC Fast Charger with CCS Type 1 Plug

Joint EVCD100 30KW is a DC Fast Charging ( DCFC ) charger for EV owners, meets ETL, FCC standards, CCS1 with 18ft cable, supports Plug & Play /RFID/QR Code User Authentication.

√  Pull-out power module, easy to maintain.

√  200-1000V of wide range to charge various EVS.

√  Widely used for home, malls, fleets, multi-family and so on.

The EVD100 is a 180kW dc charger.

Joint EVD100 180kw is a high-efficiency electric vehicle charger with a wide voltage range of 200-1000V suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles. The EVD100 180kw is ETL and FCC approved and can be connected using Combo 1 (CCS1) or Combo 2 (CCS2).

√ High power efficiency:>96%.

√ 200-1000V of wide range to charge various EVS.

√ Smart power sharing.

The best ev charging solution for gas stations

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