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Joint Workplace EV Charging Solutions - Powering the Future of Mobility

Our EV charging solutions are compatible with sustainability and convenience, giving employees the ease and freedom to charge their electric vehicles.

Promote environmental protection

Helps increase the likelihood that employees will drive electric vehicles, promoting low carbon emissions

Increased Revenue

Businesses can charge a fee for EV chargers, which is a long-term investment.

Access to Government Incentives

Many governments encourage businesses to install EV chargers and offer a variety of incentives and tax credits.

Providing Convenience for Employees

Provides convenience for employees who drive electric vehicles to work.

Why workplace charging is critical to EV adoption

The transition to electricity to power light-duty vehicles is impossible to ignore. Automakers are announcing more battery-electric cars, which are being sold alongside plug-in hybrids and fuel cell counterparts.  

And while most current plug-in vehicle drivers can charge overnight at home with a 120-volt “trickle” charge or a higher voltage Level 2 charger, many existing and future electric vehicle (EV) drivers will need to rely on public or workplace charging stations. This is especially true for people without dedicated parking at home or with parking spaces that do not have access to electricity.

Workplace charging benefits employees and employers

For electric vehicle drivers, charging at the workplace is a convenient way to recharge. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that employees with access to charging services are more likely to drive electric vehicles, suggesting a possible correlation between electric vehicle ownership and ease of charging in the workplace.

For an employer, providing access to workplace charging can support environmental, social and governance goals and be part of a hiring and retention strategy. Free or low-cost EV charging could also help attract remote employees back to the office.
Employer support is critical to overcoming barriers such as the cost and time it takes to advance a workplace charging program, but so too is employee input.
The first step is to engage employees and ask about their transportation needs and interest in EV charging. That input and data can guide the development of a workplace charging policy and determine the benefits to the company of such a program.

Commercial and home electric vehicle charging stations provide a convenient charging experience.
The Joint EVC10 ia a commercial AC Charger.

Tailor-made workplace charging solutions from Joint

Provide your workplace with a professional EV charging solution that brings a convenient charging experience to your employees to improve their happiness at work.

As a wholesaler of electric vehicle chargers integrating hardware and software development, high-end manufacturing, Joint produces a series of products such as electric vehicle charging stations, home energy storage, smart street light poles, matching LED outdoor lights, etc., which are globally certified by ETL, Energy STAR, FCC, CE, CB, UKCA, TR25, ISO 14001, and so on.
As your trusted partner, Joint Automotive provides advanced and reliable workplace EV charging solutions. We offer you:

√  Offer ODM and OEM services. We will customise the product to meet your corporate image and utility, and you can customise your company logo on the front panel of the electric car charger.

√  Professional installation guidance.

√  Products with guarantee. Our products are qualified and tested, we provide warranty, quality 24-hour service, so that you can rest assured!

You will gain:

Employee satisfaction enhancement:
Workplace charging for employees. This will make it easier for employees during peak hours.

Additional revenue:
Generate additional revenue by offering electric vehicle charging for a fee.

Attract more talent:
By putting your business in the driver's seat of the sustainability movement, you'll continue to attract those who drive electric cars, as well as those who have yet to make the switch.

Long-term benefits:
Workplace EV charging solutions positively represent your company's image, have a carbon footprint that far outweighs the cost of installation, and help your organisation reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop a happier workforce.


The Joint evc10 is an electric vehicle charger tailored for commercial deployment with CTEP certification and accurate counting.

EVC10 charger is CE, CB, UKCA, and TR25 certified, supports 7kw,11kw,22kw power, it is a professional commercial electric vehicle.EVC10 meets the RFID ISO14443 user authentication standard, and has a three-year warranty.

√ Has a 4.3-inch LCD display, and supports LAN and WiFi/4G connectivity.

√ OCPP 1.6J full function, OCPP 2.0.1 updatable.

√ Cyber security solution to protect the EVSE from hacking.

The EVC11 commercial EV charger is available in two versions, the socket version and the RFID version

The EVC11 is a durable EV charger with two versions, socket version and RFID version. The EVC11 has a power rating of up to 22 kW,  is certified by CE, CB, UKCA, TR25 and has a two-year warranty.

√  OCPP 1.6J full function, OCPP 2.0.1 updatable.

√  ISO15118 (Plug & Charge) for better charging experience.

√  Cyber security solution to protect the EVSE from hacking.

EVC12 Electric Vehicle Charging Station supports plug and charger,

If you want a fast and efficient EV charger in one frame, choose the Joint EVC12. As a level2 commercial EV charger, the white/black EVC12 has a dynamic load function, power support from 3.8~19.2kw, and supports LAN/Wi-Fi/4G networking.

√  OCPP 1.6J full function, OCPP 2.0.1 updatable.

√  ISO15118 (Plug & Charge) for better charging experience.

√  Dynamically balance energy to reducing electricity costs.

The EVCD1 EV charger has two charging ports.

As a level 2 dual-port EV charger, the EVCD 1 has a maximum output current of up to 48 amps. the EVCD 1 is ETL and FCC certified and comes with a three-year warranty. In addition to this, the EVCD 1 features a display, indicator lights and RFID areas for commercial charging.

√  Tailored for commercial deployment.

√  Wall-mounted and integration design for easy installation.

√  Reduce the investment of power capacity to enjoy fast ROI.

Learn more about commercial charging

The Joint EVC12 offers an intelligent and efficient charging solution for your electric vehicle.

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